Comedy on the Plaza

On Thursday March 27th, Knights Plaza hosted its first “Comedy on the Plaza” event. This event kicked off a series of “On the Plaza” events which will include anything from “Salsa on the Plaza” to “Yoga Under the Stars.” At Thursday evening’s event, nine of the best UCF comics hosted and performed hilarious stand-up acts which left the campus in stitches. More than 150 students enjoyed the transformed plaza space that included leather couches and tables with theatrical lighting creating an outdoor lounge atmosphere. The show was emcee’d by UCF student Ryan O’ Toole who also helps produce shows at Wackadoos and the Geek Easy, among other locations throughout central Florida.

Although laughter is the best medicine, the show offered an even greater benefit to sick children in Orlando. During and before the show, guests ordered food from various Knights Plaza restaurants with partial proceeds benefitting the Ronald McDonald House. The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi sorority worked as servers running food orders back and forth for the guests.

Since “Something’s Always Happening” at Knights Plaza, this event is only a taste of what’s to come. Be sure to stay tuned to and keep in touch on our Facebook page.

The New

Welcome to the new It’s with great excitement that we unveil our new website to you. Aside from an updated look, the new website features a powerful new way to sift through our events, locations and resources, making it easier for you to explore Knights Plaza. You’ll be able to sift by location, event or activity.

In addition, we’ve added a blog section in order to bring you fresher content, update you on new and exciting things happening at Knights Plaza, and share with you fun things in store for you. We think you’ll like the new look and we’re sure you’ll like the improved navigation and fresher information.

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